Registration for HSAA Basketball


Registration for HSAA Basketball Tryouts 2012-2013

Please fill out this pre-registration form for each player in your family. Online registration will be available until 2 days prior to tryouts. If you submit this form online within 2 days of tryouts, please also bring a hardcopy registration form to tryouts just in case your information does not get processed.

You will need to bring to tryouts the following forms:

  1. HSAA Athletic Release & Medical Authorization

  2. Copy of Birth Certificate (new players to HSAA only)

In addition,  you must have a physical examination evaluation from a doctor. This will be required within 2 weeks of being placed on a team. If you have had a physical examination performed within the last 6 months, you may bring the doctor's release to tryouts. A physical form is available on the website, or you may use a form provided by the doctor.


Player's Information


First Name

 Last Name
Player's Email Address

Player's Cell Phone Number

(or best way to contact player)

Home Phone Number
Grade Classification for 2012-2013


A grade designation must be declared prior to the tryouts and must conform to HSAA maximum age qualifications. Please read the HSAA Eligibility requirements on the website.  If you have any questions, please email the basketball commissioner.

Age on Sept. 1, 2012



Date of Birth





Player T-Shirt Size










Parent/Guardian Information

Cell Number
Email Address
Additional Parent/Guardian
Cell Number
Email Address


(Click the left-mouse button in the box to answer "YES" on the questions or to enter information. Otherwise, leave the box empty.)

How many years (not seasons) have you played organized basketball?

Did you play on an organized basketball team last winter, spring, or summer?

If so, which one? What league?

Are you currently enrolled in a co-op, private or public school, or community college (include half-day, part-time, or co-op)?

If so, which one and please provide specific information as to how many hours, days, or credits?

My parents and I have read the following HSAA requirements, and we certify that I am eligible to play for HSAA and will abide by the requirements.    
    1.    HSAA Eligibility Requirements
    2.    HSAA Expectations
    3.    HSAA Appearance Guidelines

I can travel to the National Christian Home School Basketball Championships at Springfield, MO, March 18-23, 2013.

(See for more details.)


One or both of my parents can volunteer for a few hours at the Texas Home School State Basketball Championships (THSSBC) sponsored by HSAA at Frisco, TX, February 21-23, 2013.


For the season, my parent(s) would like to help in the following areas (check all that apply):

Head Coach

Asst. Coach

Team Administrator



Team Photographer

Team Videographer

Team Reporter

I need a navy equipment bag and would like the following initials (a maximum of 3 letters):


If you have played basketball with HSAA before, please answer the following questions:


    I have a blue/white reversible practice jersey.


    I have received a navy equipment bag.


Additional Questionnaire For High School Players ONLY


My strongest basketball skill is: 


The skill I want to improve most is:


I have had paid instruction for basketball skills in the past 12 months.

I understand and accept that there may be games where I dont get to play if thats what the coach thinks is best for me or best for the team.

I understand and agree that hustle and attitude will affect my playing time.

I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to talk to the coach and not the other players/parents if I disagree with decisions the coach makes.

I would rather sit on the bench on the Varsity team than be a starter on the JV team.

For High School Boys only: I will be content to play on the 2nd Varsity (HSAA South), if that is where I am needed.

I can practice any day of the week starting in September.

I understand practices may be 3 days a week before season and 2 days a week during season. 

I may have co-op classes or community college classes that do not end before 2:30 p.m. 

If yes, what day(s) of the week?

I will be working part-time during basketball season.

Answer the following questions only if you are NOT a senior:

If I dont make one of the Varsity teams, Id rather not play.

If I dont make the JV team, Ill probably give up basketball.


Please Read


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After successfully submitting your information, please print the confirmation page for your records.


If you need to update your information, re-submit the form with the corrected information. The last submission will be the information that we use.


If you have any problems with this form, please contact HSAA Basketball Team Administration.