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 HSAA Archived News Stories & Homeschool Sports Articles

 HSAA All-Sports Banquet Draws 360 Athletes, Families, and Supporters (May 2019)
 Dallas Mavs' Justin Jackson Keynote Speaker at HSAA Banquet (May 2019)
 Varsity Baseball Team Wins Championships at Texas Private School Classic (Feb 2019)
 HSAA Claims 3 Crowns at THSSBC State Basketball Championships (Feb 2019)
 HSAA Annual All-Sports Banquet Draws 330 Participants (May 2018)
 HSAA Varsity Boys Golf Team Wins National Championship...Again (April 2018)
 HSAA Girls Water Polo Team Wins DFW North Region Division (April 2018)
 HSAA Grabs 2 Gold Balls at Basketball Nationals: HSAA Schedules & Results (March 2018)
 HSAA Girls Varsity Basketball Team Champions at Highland Park Classic (November 2017)
 HSAA Annual All-Sports Banquet Draws 378 Participants (May 2017)
 HSAA Boys Golf Team Wins National Championship in Springfield, MO (May 2017)
 HSAA Varsity Boys Water Polo Team Wins Regional Championships (April 2017)
 Dallas Home School Basketball at HSAA (March 2017)
 HSAA Golf Team Takes 1st Place at Arlington Sam Houston Tournament (November 2016)
 13th Annual HSAA Alumni Baseball Game (August 2016)
 HSAA Varsity Cheer Team Brings Home Awards from NCA Camp (August 2016)
 HSAA All-Sports Banquet 2016: Pictures & Awards (May 2016)
 Soccer Dynasty: HSAA Wins 11 Championships in 9 Years (May 2016)
 HSAA Water Polo Boys Win Championship---Girls Take 2nd (April 2016)
 Middle School Boys Track Team Places 1st at 22-Team Invitational at St. Mark's (March 2016)
 8th Girls Basketball Team Completes Perfect Season: 27-0! (March 2016)
 HSAA Captures 3 State Championships at THSSBC 2016 (February 2016)
 HSAA Varsity Boys Soccer Team Dominates at Local Tournament (December 2015)
 Varsity Boys (Blue) Champions at Holiday Basketball Tournament (December 2015)
 Varsity Boys (Blue) Basketball Team Wins 14-Team Tournament (November 2015)
 8th Girls (Blue) Champions at FW Nolan 9th Grade Tournament (November 2015)
 HSAA Basketball Announces Varsity Coaches for 2015-2016 (June 2015)
 "Tim Tebow Bill" Fails in 2015 Texas Legislature (June 2015)
 HSAA All-Sports Banquet 2015: Pictures & Awards (May 2015)
 3-Peat! Dallas Angels Win HWSA Baseball Championship....Again (May 2015)
 HSAA Varsity Girls Track & Field Team Crowned State Champs (April 2015)
 Editorial: Play Multiple Sports to Build Athleticism (April 2015)
 HSAA 10U Girls: National Champions 2015 (March 2015)
 HSAA Brings Home 3 Gold Balls at Nationals in Springfield, MO (March 2015)
 HSAA Grabs 3 State Championships at THSSBC Tournament (February 2015)
 HSAA Varsity (Red) Boys BB Team Crowned Champions at Tournament (December 2014)
 Nationals 2014: Soccer Boys Team Champion---Volleyball Team Grabs 2nd Place (November 2014)
 HSAA Volleyball Team Wins 16-Team Tourney at Legacy Christian Academy (August 2014)
 11th Annual Blue/Red Alumni Baseball Game (August 2014)
 HSAA All-Sports Banquet 2014: Pictures & Awards (May 2014)
 Repeat at Nationals! Dallas HSAA Defends Title over Memphis Eagles in Thriller, 2-1 (May 2014)
 Nationals Basketball 2014: Final Results (March 2014)
 HSAA Grabs 3 Texas Basketball Championships (March 2014)
 HSAA Varsity VB Team Wins Championship at Dallas Christian Tournament (September 2013)
 HSAA Varsity Volleyball Team Champions at 16-Team Tournament (August 2013)
 HSAA All-Sports Banquet  2013: Pictures & Awards (May 2013)
 Dallas HSAA Angels Win It All in Florida with 9-8 Win over Raleigh Warriors (May 2013)
 JV Girls Basketball Team Wins Championship at Anna JV Tournament (December 2012)
 JV Volleyball Team Rolls to Championship at Dallas Christian Tournament (September 2012)
 HSAA All-Sports Banquet  2012: Pictures & Awards (May 2012)
 HSAA Girls Soccer Team Takes Nationals.....Again (May 2012)
 JV Girls & 7th Grade Boys Crowned National Champions at Springfield, MO (March 2012)
 HSAA Grabs Three Texas State Basketball Championships (Feb 2012)
 Angels #1: HSAA Wins Texas State Volleyball Championships (Oct 2011)
 Middle School Volleyball Team Takes 3rd Place at TCA-Addison Tournament (Oct 2011)
 HSAA Angels Baseball Team Wins It All in Florida: Picture & Story Included (May 2011)
 HSAA All-Sports Banquet 2011: Pictures & Awards (May 2011)
 HSAA Track & Field Team Brings Back 15 Individual National Championships (May 2011)
 HSAA Varsity Boys Basketball Team Wins National Championship on Buzzer-Beater (March 2011)
 Varsity Boys Track Team Places 2nd out of 25 Teams at St. Mark's Meet (March 2011)
 HSAA Featured on National FoxNews"Special Report on Homeschooling"  (Feb 2011) Article: HSAA Basketball Player Brett DeMetrotion (January 2011)
 Varsity Boys Basketball Team Wins Championship in Houston (December 2010)
 8th Girls Basketball Crowned Champs at Princeton Tournament (December 2010)
 Varsity Boys Soccer Team Wins Nationals in Springfield, MO (November 2010)
 Dallas Morning News Article on HSAA Football (October 2010)
 Dallas Morning News: HSAA QB Perseveres After Injury (October 2010)
 HSAA Girls Soccer Team Takes National Championship in Springfield, MO (May 2010)
 HSAA Track & Field Team Finishes Strong at 2010 Nationals (May 2010)
 HSAA All-Sports Banquet 2010: Awards & Pictures (May 2010)
 Dallas HSAA Track Team: 2010 Texas State Track Meet Results (April 2010)
 Varsity Boys (South) Wins Championship at Tyler Street Tournament (January 2010)
 Varsity Boys (North) Champions at Houston Christian Tourney (December 2009)
 Varsity Girls Basketball Takes 1st in Canyon Creek Tournament (November 2009)
 Varsity (South) BB Team 2nd Place at BVCHEA Tournament (November 2009)
 1st Annual Cowboy-Cajun Shootout (September 2009)
 MS "A" Volleyball Team Wins Ft Worth Tournament (September 2009)
 HSAA 2009 Alumni Baseball Game Results: 11-7 (August 2009)
 JV Girls Volleyball Team Wins Faith Christian Tournament (August 2009)
 2009 HSAA All-Sports Banquet: Awards Winners (May 2009)
 HSAA Track & Field National Results: Independence, MO (May 2009)
 2009 8th Baseball Team Finishes 15-0 Season (May 2009)
 HSAA Track & Field Teams Finish Strong at State Meet (April 2009)
 JV Boys Basketball Team Claims National Championship (March 2009)
 HSAA National Basketball Results 2009 (March 2009)
 Dick's Sporting Goods Partnering with Dallas HSAA (January 2009)
 JV Boys Bktball Team Claims JPII Tourn. Championship (December 2008)
 HSAA Claims National Basketball Championships (March 2008)
 Varsity Boys Team Claims Oakridge Championship (December 2007)
 HSAA Basketball Teams Win Weekend Tournaments (December 2007)
 The Real Red River Shootout: HSAA vs. NOAH (November 2007)
 Dallas Morning News Article on HSAA Football (October 2007)
 2nd Annual Angels Volleyball Classic (October 2007)
 HSAA Angels VB Team Takes 2nd Place in POP Tourney (September 2007)
 HSAA 2007 Alumni Baseball Game Results: 8-4 (August 2007)
 Summer Basketball Team Takes 2nd in PrimeTime Tourney (July 2007)
 All-Sports Banquet 2007: Sportsmanship Award Recipients (May 2007)
 Board Appoints New HSAA President (March 2007)
  HWSA 2007 Member Teams (March 2007)
  Dallas Morning News Article on HSAA (March 2007)
  JV Basketball 2nd Place at Texas Champ'ships (February 2007)
  HSAA Volleyball Team Wins Bronze Division at Nationals (November 2006)
 1st Annual Angels Volleyball Classic (October 2006)
 HSAA Gets First Historic Football Win (September 2006)
 HSAA Alumni Bounce Back for 9-4 Win (August 2006)
 HSAA High School Football Practices Kick Off (July 2006)
  HSAA Boys Basketball Team Wins National Championship (March 2006)
  Ex-HSAA Pitcher Debuts Against Air Force (March 2006)
  HWSA 2006 Member Teams (March 2006)
  Varsity Basketball Places 3rd at Texas Championships (February 2006)
  8th Grade Boys Basketball Wins Tournament (November 2005)
  MS "B" Volleyball Wins Shady Grove Tourney (October 2005)
  Dallas Angels Varsity Crushes Alumni, 11-3 (August 2005)
  Dallas Angels Win World Series: Commentary from Atlanta (June 2005)
  Homeschool Showcase Team Competes at Terry Pendleton Championships (June 2005)
  Ex-HWSA Baseball Player, Matthew Betsill, Drafted by Minnesota Twins (June 2005)
  Ex-HSAA Athlete Qualifies for NCAA Championships (June 2005)

  Dallas Angels Take 1st Place in HWSA West Regional Tournament (April 2005)

  TAPPS to Create Home School Division for 2006 (April 2005)
  HWSA Member Teams 2005 (March 2005)

  OKCity Nationals 2005 HSAA Basketball Tournament Results (March 2005)

  8th Grade Boys Basketball Team: An Impressive Start (January 2005)

  Varsity Girls Capture Basketball Tournament Title (January 2005)

  JV Boys Capture Tournament Title (December 2004)

  Athletic Business Magazine: Homegrown Talent (December 2004)
  HWSA Member Teams 2004 (September 2004)

  2004 World Series Final Report (May 2004)

  Angels Varsity Captures 2nd Place at HWSA World Series in Florida (May 2004)

  HWSA World Series Pictures (May 2004)

  Central Region Qualifying Tournament 2004 Report (April 2004)

  2004 Varsity Volleyball Picture at Nationals (November 2004)

  Coach Gets "Tossed" From Game (October 2004)

  HSAA Middle School Volleyball Team Wins Championship (September 2004)

  Angels Varsity 2004 Alumni Game  (August 2004)

  2004 World Series Final Report (May 2004)

  Angels Varsity Captures 2nd Place at HWSA World Series in Florida (May 2004)

  HWSA World Series Pictures (May 2004)

  HSAA All-Sports Banquet Pictures (May 2004)

  Niceville, FL: 2003 HWSA World Series Tournament Photos (May 2003)
  2003 World Series Final Results (May 2003)
  Homeschool Sports Ethics (May 2002)
 The History of Homeschool Basketball (May 2002)
  Ex-NBA Player Coaches Homeschool Team in Cincinnati (January 2002)
  2001 Christian Home School World Series Results (June 2001)
  HSLDA: How Homeschoolers Can Earn Athletic Scholarships (April 2000)
  Dallas Morning News: HSAA Basketball (January 2000)



HSAA is a homeschool sports organization that serves the Dallas / North Texas areas.